DNA Testing

DNA tests can help you find genetic cousins and expand your family tree.

What Do I Get With a Test?

The Paternal and Maternal DNA Lineage tests provide you with your ancient ancestry (haplogroup) and your own collection of genetic markers which can be used to connect with genetic cousins.

Paternal Lineage Test

If your goal is to try to expand your family tree, the Paternal Lineage tests provide the DNA results necessary to help find other participants who might be genetically related to you. The Paternal Lineage test analyzes specific segments of the Y-chromosome which is only found in males. And because the Y-chromosome is passed largely unchanged from father to son, DNA results from a male participant today can be used to represent the paternal lineage dozens of generations into the past.

If you are female, you can recruit a brother, father, or paternally related Uncle or Cousin to provide the DNA sample to use as if it were your own.

In addition to helping to expand your family tree, the Paternal Lineage test also provides insights into your Ancient Ancestry stretching back many thousands of years. Learn about where your ancient ancestors migrated and settled as humans spread throughout the continents.

Maternal Lineage Test

Available to both males and females, the Maternal Lineage test traces your ancient ancestry from your Mother's side. As the earliest humans migrated out of Africa, they adapted to their new surroundings and became distinct populations from one another which can be detected by analyzing DNA. The Maternal Lineage test differs from the Paternal test in that it cannot validate a family relationship - so even if your maternal DNA is an identical match with another participant it can only prove that you may have been related thousands of years ago. On the other hand, if your results differ in any way, the results prove that your are definitively not related.


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